Career Coaching / Mentoring Testimonials

Jul 20 2020

Sheena Suvak – Senior Product Manager – High Alloys

8 years ago, I started working with Seann on some challenging projects in the NY / NJ area, where we visited project sites to meet with key decision makers. This was one of my first times working with customers directly as an engineer, which was not exactly in my wheelhouse. After each meeting, he provided ...

Jun 19 2020

Yllano Tubilleja – Operations Manager for Middletown Sports Complex & Equipment Manager for NAHL Titans

"Knowing Seann Bradley through ice hockey as a teammate on men's league teams and a coworker at the local hockey program, he has always brought a motivational and success driven attitude. With the Podcasts, he serves food for thought and seamlessly puts thoughts into words which helps the success seekers create game plans from day-to-day ...

Jun 9 2020

Chris Connors – Consultant, Johnson Associates, Inc.

"Seann taught me what it means to be disciplined. Whether investing, perfecting a craft, or human relationships, I learned the intangibles from Seann that continue to guide me every day"

Apr 24 2020

Peter Shapiro – Sales Engineer – NYC Market

As a new technical sales engineer covering New York City, I am fortunate to have Seann to rely on for both his technical and professional expertise. Seann has earned the respect of his customers through the development of this unique skillset and I’m sure he can offer some valuable advice to anyone looking for guidance.

Apr 10 2020

Wyatt Mann – Key Accounts Manager – Great Lakes Region

"Seann Bradley came along side me when I first started my career more than 12 years ago. For almost 6 years, he challenged my thought process and guided me to answers in the way of a true educator. Seann would take time out of his busy schedule to spend an entire day teaching me the ...

Apr 10 2020

Mark Gualandi – Special Projects – NJ & NYC Markets

"You truly are a great friend and asset in building a successful business. Our partnership has created a life long friendship and a lot of financial windfalls. Couldn't be as successful as I am without your help and friendship it is always great to have a partner in business that you can have a personal ...

Apr 10 2020

Greg Connors – Sales Engineer & Professional NYU Actor

"Thanks for teaching me so much about accountability and friendship. The lesson, I learned working with you have permeated the way I approach each day. Congrats on all you've accomplished this year. I look forward to the years of friendship ahead"