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35: The Solution is you!

Success is mastering your own process...

Seann Bradley | Substack

Be yourself, not what someone else wants you to be. Not being yourself can generate confusion, frustration, anger, and a bad attitude which negativity affects your life. A bad attitude is like a flat tire that needs to be fixed before you can go anywhere.

Success starts with a positive attitude!

34: Prepare for Your Life Changing Opportunity!

Jim Dowd - Discusses his career journey, personal perseverance, and lessons learned from coaches like Herb Brooks to play 17yrs in the NHL. How those lessons are applied to fatherhood, coaching two sons playing D1 hockey, continuous learning in life, his current mindset performance coaching JD ( and health wellness Home - IDLife businesses

Jim Dowd | LinkedIn

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33: Welcome your new future by learning, not dwelling on the past!

Gratitude before success...

Seann Bradley | Substack

As the light shines on all of us this new year show gratitude to yourself and those in your life. We are all in in this world together with joy and love looking over us.

As time goes on, the year...

32: Servant Leadership Journey to Successful Strategic Business Executive & Father with Edward Barger

Edward Barger - Discusses his career journey to Assistant VP of Corporate Development Mergers & Acquisitions at Airgas through Navy training discipline, steadfast work ethic, problem solving, continuous learning, short- & long-term goal balance, servant leadership by empowering employees, and creating winning team culture.

Edward Barger | LinkedIn

31: Master your minute in 2023!

Seann Bradley - BradleyBasics founder discusses basic goal planning for 2023

Seann Bradley | LinkedIn

30: Leadership Development in Today’s Work Environment with Sheena Suvak

Sheena Suvak - Senior Product Manager of Automation Cobots discusses how reading body language, active listening, open communication, flexibility, team building, setting expectations and personal responsibility will help her be successful in new direct report management role

Sheena Suvak, MBA | LinkedIn

29: Building a Family While Building a Business with Paul Ha

Paul Ha - Founder, Cornerstone Wealth Partners, LLC discusses how athletic coaching, goal setting, honesty, integrity, accountability, showing confidence, educational system knowledge and both parents being on same page are key to parenting in today's society

Paul Ha | LinkedIn

28: Time Management & Positive Thinking is Key to Successful Young Fatherhood with Max Williams

Max Williams - Regional Distributor Sales Manager at Hypertherm discusses how time management, positive thinking, activity planning, fiscal responsibility and focus are key to successful young fatherhood. Max also shares a story how positive thinking got him through a recent unexpected negative situation

Max Williams | LinkedIn

27: Successful Career & Fatherhood in Today’s World with Steve Pisani

Steve Pisani - V.P at Bank of America discusses what it takes to be a successful father and husband through being true to yourself, humble, honest, decision guidance, communication, family and community support!

Stephen Pisani | LinkedIn

26: Team Building Utilizing Cultural & Religious Diversity with Wyatt Mann

Wyatt Mann - Sales Manager of Hard Automation Division discusses how his personal leadership & responsibility is accomplishing effective team goals, internal efficiencies and positive change to be successful in current inflationary environment!

Wyatt Mann | LinkedIn

25: It’s Your Choice if Good or Bad Things Happen Gradually, Then Suddenly with Seann Bradley

Seann Bradley - BradleyBasics Founder - Discusses future of BradleyBasics, Special "Thank You" to Tim Clifton, Gina Arnedos, Mark Kolakowski, Jaclyn Lenox, Mike Shaheen, Gary Konarska, Chris Connors, Jaime Zimmel and Paul Ha and How Truth relates to Jordan B. Peterson 12 Rules for Life, Rule: 4

BradleyBasics: Overview | LinkedIn

24: Interested in Investing? Financial Advisor Concepts with Paul Ha

Paul Ha - Founder, Cornerstone Wealth Partners, LLC discusses his full-service client first approach through LPL Financial unique financial advisor / broker - dealer business model. Paul also discusses the value of understanding saving, borrowing, investing and insuring at a young age. Those "Rich in Time" can maximize time value of money!

Paul Ha | LinkedIn Financial Advising | Cornerstone Wealth Partners | Lacey Township (

23: Personal Perseverance – Becoming a Successful Commercial Real Estate Agent with Jaime Zimmel

Jaime Zimmel discusses his career journey to VP at Zimmel Associates through strong family support, continues learning, humble work ethic, high Penn State GPA, college & professional hockey coaching, passion and caring for Zimmel Associates clients. Jaime also touches on the importance of family in Life. |

Jaime Zimmel | LinkedIn

22: Young Leadership & Personal Responsibility with Chris Connors

Chris Connors discusses his career journey to VP at Johnson Associates through D1 caliber football athletics & good grades gained at St. Edward H.S to obtain a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University. Strong athletic coaching, older brothers mentoring, writing, global critical thinking and strong GPA from Columbia has fast track Chris to current VP role. Chris also touches on young marriage and home ownership.

Chris Connors | LinkedIn

21: Next Generation Leadership – Learning Organizations will be the future with Gary Konarska

Gary Konarska discusses his career journey to Executive Director and CEO of American Welding Society collecting management & leadership opportunities in Asia, cultural & senior level mentorship, continues learning through time management and value of Life balance.

Gary Konarska | LinkedIn

20: Negotiating – Complex Residential Real Estate Deals with Mike Shaheen

Mike Shaheen discusses current state of Real Estate Market, status of his Real Estate goals, what has gone according to plan and how he adapted to what hasn't. Mike also discusses his future Real Estate goals and how his experience during this moment in time will help accomplish them

O'Brien Realty LLC

Mike Shaheen - Real Estate Agent & Property Manager

Email: [email protected]

Ph. (732) 567 5571

Mike Shaheen | LinkedIn

19: Young Passion – When your dreams and college major are one with Jaclyn Lenox

Jaclyn Lenox discusses her life experience thought process of picking right college major to accomplish her career path goals. Jaclyn's method started at an age 3 dance class and grew into a passion for dancing, acting & singing. This passion and skillset has given Jaclyn means to pay her way through college along with other living expenses. "When you like what you do for work in Life, personal and financial success comes along for ride"...this is defiantly the case for Musical Theater Major Jaclyn Lenox!

Jaclyn Lenox | LinkedIn

18: Personal Responsibility & Financial Freedom – Method to Right Career with Mark Kolakowski

Mark Kolakowski discusses his career journey to "Financial Freedom, "Career Confidential" Author, Investopedia Writer" through self-evaluation & planning method gained by strong father mentoring, family friend guidance, Regis High School, Harvard Economics A.B. / Wharton M.B.A, Navigating Corporate Culture, and must importantly, Courage and Means to change created by a humble steadfast work ethic!

"Career Confidential" purchased at Bamboo Books

Investopedia: Sharper insight, better investing

Mark Kolakowski | LinkedIn

17: Childhood Dream a Reality – Becoming a Law Firm Equity Managing Partner with Gina Arnedos

Gina M. Arnedos discusses her over 34yr career journey to "Equity Managing Partner" at Steven F. Goldstein, LLP through passion at 5yrs Old developed from father, chance voter registration letter as Law Student, strong mentorship, continues family support, hard work and steadfast tenacity! Gina and I also discuss Truth & Justice and how it relates to Law & Order...

Steven F. Goldstein, LLP -


Gina M. Arnedos - Attorney at Law

Email: [email protected]

Ph. (516) 873 0011

Gina Arnedos | LinkedIn

16: Young Integrity – How success is generated from a humble work ethic with Tim Clifton

Tim Clifton discusses his career journey to "Professional Hockey Player & Newport News Shipbuilding Engineer" through "Young Leadership" gained by strong father mentoring, Quinnipiac D1 Hockey Coaching, and must importantly, Integrity created by a humble steadfast work ethic!

Timothy Clifton | LinkedIn

15: Thoughts on Truth with Seann Bradley

Bradley Basics Podcast Channel Season 1 - Thank You plus thoughts on Truth - Special "Thank You" to Paul Lenox, Mike Shaheen, Wyatt Mann, Sheena Suvak, Don Haueter, Daniel Hernandez, Dr. Edward Craven, Dr. Molly Craven, Mark DeLonge, Rob DeLonge, Jason Spaulding, Richard Seif and Greg Connors...

Seann Bradley | LinkedIn

14: Continuous Learning – How long-term goals are accomplished with Greg Connors

Greg Connors discusses his career journey to "Professional Actor" through State of Theater & Voice Over Market, diversity of acting skills, overcoming obstacles with continuous learning, developing long-term goals & your brand and value of integrity!

Gregory Connors | LinkedIn

13: Lasting Integrity – Becoming a Senior V.P. of Global Marketing with Richard Seif

Richard Seif discusses his over 40yr career journey to "Senior V.P of Global Marketing" through passion for blending manufacturing & marketing, influential mentors, global solution selling, and must importantly treating people with integrity!

Seif Solutions, LLC

Richard Seif | LinkedIn

12: Following your Passion – Becoming Owner & CEO of Brewery Vivant with Jason Spaulding

Jason Spaulding discusses his over 20yrs career journey to "Owner & CEO of Brewery Vivant" through passion of beer creation, community & employee focus, and high customer service!

Jason Spaulding | LinkedIn

11: Caring about Customers – Becoming a V.P. of Bank & Trust with Rob DeLonge

Rob DeLonge discusses his career journey to "V.P. of Bank and Trust" through strong management training program, influential mentors, continues learning and a passion for helping families with their financial needs!

Rob DeLonge | LinkedIn

10: Passion for Teaching – Why caring for college students matter with Mark DeLonge

Mark DeLonge discusses his career journey to "College Instructional Technology Coordinator" through passion for teaching, classroom leadership and caring for student success. Mark also touches on the untapped financial and educational value of community college!

Mark DeLonge | LinkedIn

9: Childhood Dreams a Reality – What it takes to own a Family Medicine Practice with Dr. Molly Craven

Dr. Molly Craven, MD discusses her career journey to "Family Medicine Practice Owner" through inspiration at 6yrs Old from Uncle, strong mentorship, corporate medicine, hard work and tenacity!

Molly Craven | LinkedIn

8: Childhood Dreams a Reality – Becoming an ER Doctor with Dr. Edward Craven

Dr. Edward Craven, MD discusses his career journey to "ER Doctor" through inspiration at 8yrs Old from Grandfather, military service, discipline, hard work, and tenacity!

Edward Craven | LinkedIn

7: Technical Passion – Becoming Regional Project Manager and Real Estate Investing with Danial Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez discusses his career journey to "Project Manager - Great Lakes Region" through hard work, strong mentorship and passion for technical knowledge. Daniel also touches on the "Hernandez Real Estate Investment Model"!

Daniel Hernandez | LinkedIn

6: Overcoming Obstacles – Value of Personal Responsibility with Don Hauter

Don Haueter discusses his career journey to "Senior Construction Manager" through personal perseverance, hard work and strong engineering process knowledge!

Don Haueter | LinkedIn

5: Emotional Intelligence – Becoming Senior Product Manager with Sheena Suvak

Sheena Suvak discusses her career journey to "Senior Product Manager - High Alloys" through key roles, dual degree, MBA and high emotional intelligence!

Sheena Suvak | LinkedIn

4: Collecting Opportunities – Becoming Regional Key Accounts Manager with Wyatt Mann

Wyatt Mann discusses his career journey to "Key Accounts Manager - Great Lakes Region" through tenacity covering NYC & Washington DC Markets while obtaining a MBA!

Wyatt Mann | LinkedIn

3: Value of Networking – Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent with Mike Shaheen

Mike Shaheen discusses his career journey to "Real Estate Agent" through hard work and strong family business network!

O'Brien Realty LLC

Mike Shaheen - Real Estate Agent & Property Manager

Email: [email protected]

Ph. (732) 567 5571

Mike Shaheen | LinkedIn

2: Passion & Integrity – Building NYC Skyline with Paul Lenox

Paul Lenox discusses his career journey to "Field Operations Manager" while building NYC Skyline!

Paul Lenox | LinkedIn

1: Next Generation Career Planning with Seann Bradley

Seann Bradley, founder of BradleyBasics discusses his background and financial aspect of college in today's world. Career planning will be critical for next generation success!

Seann Bradley | LinkedIn

2: BradleyBasics Guest Podcast – Financial responsibility in today’s college market!

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On this episode, Seann Bradley joins us again to discuss student debt.  Seann is a Material Science Engineer who's worked for the last 20 years as a Sr, Sales Engineer for The Lincoln Electric Company. 

1: BradleyBasics Guest Podcast – Overcoming personal & social obstacles to gain success!

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Greg is joined by Seann Bradley, a Sr, Sales Engineer for The Lincoln Electric Company. Seann has over 20 years experience as a welding and technical sales specialist, serving construction projects throughout New Jersey and New York City.  Recent projects include The Hudson Yards, Verrazano Bridge, and George Washington Bridge.